Ananda Buddhi Consciousness

Without any doubt, from ancient still this moment artificial intelligence has spread across the world. It has taken a path in all aspects of human behaviour or activity in transforming every walk of life. It also helps in responding to stimulation consistent with traditional responses from humans, given the human capacity for contemplation, judgments, and intention like this modern apps: Google maps, voice commands, Apple Siri, Amazon alexia, etc. it helps in taking away your decision-making time, protecting essential human values and help people to deal with issues as they occur. The idea is that artificial intelligence delivers technology at speed, innovates at scale, and puts humans at the centre.

Ananda Buddhi - Alogorithmic Consciousness

Generally, our eyes of an algorithmic consciousness are designed to make decisions, often using the Detect – Color – Distance – Dimension – Image, which are the Nontraditional four algorithms, the abstract. The consciousness of an Eye; Simplified the complexity of not believing Aristotle.

What is Ananda Buddhi
Mind Reinvented

Artificial intelligence aims to replicate, exceed fundamental distinctive properties of the human brain and make hyper-intelligent choices. For example, If the brain uses its previous stored memory to predict future events intelligently, why are people making mistakes? Is the brain incapable of learning past mistakes, or is the brain not intelligent? These are paradoxical and controversial questions, mainly because there are many hidden assumptions and misconceptions about understanding the human brain. For this reason, this has made the brain prediction of the future a false perception. Kludge has become the best of modern-day Artificial Intelligence.

Ananda Buddhi Ai
Ananda means the end of achievement. Maybe the path leading to the end of the achievement. To achieve Ananda in Artificial Intelligence one has to replicate Human Consciousness. Human consciousness is a remote subject to the Science of the West. But not in Asia. And especially to the Indian Sub-Continent.  Where for millennia the mind has been searched and grasped by many and concepts galore. More than one could learn in many life times. If many lifetimes is alien, then this is not for you. 
Buddhi is to differentiate the truth from falsehood.  In a photograph of your father wearing a red shirt, artificial intelligence will identify man wearing red shirt. Or a shirt or red shirt or a man. A simple trained identification. This is the scope of present-day artificial intelligence.   But when you see the image, you see your father in a red shirt. The color of red shirt is immaterial as its only a shirt. But more paramount the identification of the father – imagine the complexity encountered in the identification of you father. The magnitude of information needed to identify this man as “my father”. This is human intelligence. Everything associated with itself in relation to others is very narrow per se. This human intelligence is the Buddhi.
In 1962 Professor Raphael Mechoulam of Weizmann Institute in Israel named an Endocannabinoid substance found in most living things in different quantitates as Anandamide. In recent times,  naturally occurring Anandamide is found in considerable quantities  in the brains of meditating individuals. Professor described Anandamide as Joy, Bliss and Delight or the ultimate form of happiness. The Ananda we seek in is also an ultimate in induced Buddhi. Induced Buddhi will remain human made. But we are intending to replicate human consciousness - this is Ananda Buddhi.

What is Mind


The mind is the closest to us humans; it resides within us. The mind is involved in mental processes, meditation, and awareness. Mind is an aspect of intellect and consciousness expressed as a union of thought, attitude, memory, emotion, will, and imagination; all conscious and unconscious cognitive processes in the brain inclusive. In addition, the mind refers specifically to rational thought processes. Many philosophies and theories have been propounded to help people understand the mind. The concept of the mind is so large that some people spend the whole of their existence studying how it works. However, it remains one of the things that has remained unknown to us. The mind might be too big to conceptualize, so let’s talk about the heart. It beats every time, even though the owner cannot have a glimpse of how it looks. They might have the chance the others but not theirs. Coding a Conscious with algorithms is like drawing one's own heart. There are possibilities to drawing a heart that you can see; however, the originality will be missing. It is not going to be real in any sense, whether in shape or size. Drawing the heart is similar to trying to create 1000 brains. Ultimately, you wouldn’t have a single brain but 1001 protocol addresses.


Primate has four inputs. Eye, Ear, Nose and Sense of the Skin (touch is a singularity. Skin has many sensitives – touch, pressure, thermal). Of which we have advanced in replicating vision to an extent not knowing the working of the Eye. Not knowing the basic function of the Eye.The average human eye can see around 10 million different colours! However, modern day AI technology primarily deals with the identification of the colours of an image. Basic function of the Eye is to detect Colour. Instead, present day traditional AI is focused on identifying colours of an image. No image no colour. Main function of the Eye is to identify Colour. Regardless of the image. It is not the Neural Networks or the Neuron of Heinrich Wilhelm. Re defining re-inventing yet not Neuron.

iLaw Ananda Buddhi

We code the first text summarization and question answer for the Sri Lankan legal text using Artificial Intelligence technology. We have 22746 PDF documents with 150,985 PDF pages; however, at we used only 244 PDF files. Using a dataset with a maximum size of 4.72 GB and 1,888,662 tokens, we created the traditional Artificial Intelligence from scratch.

Eye of an Algorithm

The four non-traditional algorithms are to detect – Colour – Distance – Dimension – Image. These processes define the consciousness of an eye, which can be also be termed as a simplified complexity of not believing Aristotle in 322BC. It looks difficult and does not seem understandable. You will need to become an Artificial Intelligence developer before the understanding can dawn on you. However, generally becoming an AI developer requires that you bag different degrees and have many professional certificates. On the contrary, Ananda Buddhi does not believe such. The world has evolved, and there are a lot of great and benevolent people who are ready to help you grasp the knowledge of AI without investing so much time and effort. You must know how AI works before you can succeed in Ananda Buddhi. There has to be a birth of passion and dreams inside of you. After that, you can search GitHub to get something relating to your dream. GitHub is the best platform to use because it is an open-source of learning. Look for AI on the platform; it’s a concept, so also your dream must be conceptual. And a concept must have a beginning, birth or rebirth. Even if you are new to coding, there has to be a rebirth in your mind. Find your solace, a place of beginning where your dream would originate. Search GitHub, find what you want, read the code, learn the commands. Expand your knowledge by searching for similar uses of the commands. Research thoroughly to master the commands. You don’t have to know the entire programming language; only pursue what you need. Own your dream, make it specific and be selfish with the commands you need for your dream.

The Path

We were not experts in Artificial intelligence; in fact, we have no knowledge about AI technology. However, we drew our inspiration from the advent of a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT). Through this, we were able to build the text summarization and question-answer based on Artificial intelligence for Sri Lankan legal text. At iLAW.IK, we have 150,985 PDF documents, and we only used only 244 files. We have a dataset of size 4.72 GB and 1,888,662 tokens without stop words. The files are limited to 244 because there were limitations in the number of hardware we can afford. Technically, attempting this requires you to use NVIDIA GDX workstations hardware priced at $149,000. However, as an alternative, we use an NVIDIA Jetson product with specs similar to the NVIDIA GDX station of 2012. Therefore, we were restricted to a maximum size of 4.72 GB dataset, as that’s was the performance limit of the machine.

The growth process was not too cumbersome, it only took working part in two different places and some researches for a year to code a performing AI legal text of Sri Lankan Laws. We started small, however, pushed a little more. While growing, we have learned a lot of things. One of them is that learning and applying Artificial Intelligence to your dream is not magic. Anyone can do it; you only need to have a little Buddhi. Check out how it works.`